A day off from work…

We have a public holiday today, it’s called “Family and Community Day” – but it is the same day as the Melbourne Cup, so everyone calls it “Melbourne Cup Holiday”.  Whatever.  It’s a day off in the middle of the week – I’m not complaining about what it’s called if it means I don’t have to go to work!

I love those people who tell you to find something you enjoy doing and then find someone willing to pay you for it – then you’ll “never work a day in your life”.  It must be marvellous to have such a simple solution for the daily grind.  But are you like me?  You have a job so that you can pay the bills, and anything more than that is a real bonus?  Yep, my sweet husband refers to it as “we have a bank manager to support”.

Without want to sound too “woe is me” – I’ve never ‘loved’ my job, ever.  It is merely a necessary evil.  Like most people I dream of someone giving me enough money so that I would never have to work again, or more simply – I could work at something because I wanted to, rather than because I must do so to live.  But, I have found that I gain a lot of satisfaction from making my working day as pleasant as possible.  Things like – coffee, getting to know (and give a damn about) the people I work with, a reasonable physical working environment (which actually shows I have a life outside the office) and doing the best job I can of the tasks I am alloted.  That sounds a bit smug and glass half full – but it is a conscious effort to make the best of things.  It is very easy, isn’t it, to complain about work?  But until someone offers me my dream job, or a tonne of cash, I will try to make the best of work – because the alternative doesn’t bear thinking about!

First thoughts…

Why do we have good days and bad?  Do we have the bad days so we know what a good day is?

I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety issues earlier this year, but I think I have probably been suffering to greater and lesser extent for most of my life.  I have made a conscious decision to try to manage this condition with out drugs – and so far I have been able to do so.  If I have learnt nothing else from the past six months, I have learnt that tomorrow does come and it is rarely as bad as I think it is going to be.